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Petra says:

“I hold my whole world in my arms, I hold an extension of myself that makes me feel happy, complete, full.
I will let this child grow as he is, as he will discover himself to be, I will keep love, attention and care for him as long as it is necessary.
I will love him forever but I will learn to let him go.
I will participate in the creation of his autonomy as a person, as a human being who moves and lives in the world, acquiring self-confidence and self-assurance.
It is a gift that life has given me and it is a gift that I give to life.”

David says:

“Hold me over your heart mum.
The umbilical cord that bound us has fallen off, but I keep in touch with you through an extension of you.
I cling to the lock of your hair because I don’t want to lose you, because from you descends upon me, within me, a current of love, acceptance, trust and security that fills every cell of my body.
You are the nest in which I was formed, and you are the safe haven in which I take refuge and can grow.
I know that one day I will leave this state in which we are one.
I know that when that time comes I will have trust, I will have courage, I will have willpower and presence because you were the environment in which all this could happen. Thank you for life, Mum.”

Edda Caselli – Pittoscultrice

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